Based on Nobel Prize-winning academic WorkOur Philosophy

Unlike most financial advisors, Klane Wealth Management doesn't spend time trying to predict or time the market.

Staying rich requires an entirely different approach from getting rich. It might be said that one gets rich by working hard and taking big risks, and that one stays rich by limiting risk and not spending too much.
— Investment Management, edited by Bernstein and A. Damodaram

Academic studies and history prove that a low-cost, passive investment strategy outperforms the vast majority of active investors.  Instead of trying to beat the market, our passive approach succeeds by investing in the market.


Looking Out For Our Client’s Best Interests We Are FIDUCIARY ADVISORS

Have you ever wondered what being a fiduciary advisor means? As a member of the BAM ALLIANCE we take our fiduciary obligations very seriously. We encourage you to watch the following video that describes our fiduciary relationship with you and demonstrates that it all comes down to whose interests your advisor really has at heart.


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